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IGN: OliPulse
By OliPulse » about 1 month ago
We are less than 2 hours away from relaunch and everyone is really excited! :D
Some practical information considering the ranks and other stuff:
- Islands & items got completely reset!
- All purchased ranks in our store were purchased for life and therefore re awarded to the buyers!
- Ranks achieved from crates will not be re awarded!
- Players who bought the Easter17 kit will receive the (better) Rudolph's kit for life instead!
- Players who bought the OP Apollo's Servant Pickaxe will receive the equally OP Frost Pickaxe (1 per person)!
- We are starting up an epic discord community for you all to join @ https://discord.gg/MQsXsav (click me)!
That's all for now folks, hope to see you soon @ IP: play.minecrownmc.com
All aboard the hype-trainnnnnn!
Woutzah and OliPulse


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IGN: iPurple
By iPurple » about 1 month ago
Yay I ama really excited and hyped up!!