Hello peeps,

Today we will start a small maintenance on the server, which leads to some downtime for a bit. We should be up and running by tomorrow.

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09 Feb 2017, 19:54 1 | 4
Hi all,

The MineCrownMC ingame shop has been changed! There have been many player suggestions about how we should balance the ingame shop. We've decided to remove the farmables and add a bunch of loot crate collectibles such as skulls, horse armor, a music disk,... We even added the nether star (you can sell this for a very high price!).

Our goal of the shop balance is the same as the full server concept, we try to minimize boring farming, endless mining, etc. We want players to explore the war zone and fight for loot crates with their friends!

Thank you guys for the feedback, we hope the new shop balance will be a succes.

Stay awesome,


27 Jan 2017, 00:53 2 | 14
We are very pleased to announce our official opening !
We hope to see you soon !
Server IP:

22 Jan 2017, 02:15 1 | 6

MineCrownMC Server: